Winter Texans

The quaint little town of Camp Wood, in the Texas Hill Country, is becoming increasingly popular as a haven for Winter Texans.  The mild average winter temperatures here range from 33 to 80 degrees.  While we don’t often have a “White Christmas”, we do often have days in December and January that are comfortable outside in just shirt sleeves.  The surrounding mountains block the worst of the winds when a northern does blow in, so even when there is a cold spell its not too cold.  That is just a part of life in the Nueces Canyon, the large valley spreading between the Nueces River and the mountains of the Texas Hill Country.

Of course, some people say they’re not really mountains, they are just hills, but for those of us who have grown up in this area, we still call them mountains.  Whether they are called mountains or hills, still all agree they are beautiful.

So, we welcome our northern neighbors to come and enjoy the outdoors in the wonderful, mild climate of the Nueces Canyon in the Texas Hill Country.  Come for a visit and stay a lifetime!

Feel free to call us at 830-597-2310 or email us at with any questions or to make reservations.

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